The use of mobile applications is no longer limited to large corporations. Any company, regardless of sector, must have a mobile app. It makes no difference how big or tiny your business is.

Small business owners are beginning to see this trend and adapt. In reality, almost 50% of proprietors of small businesses intend to create a mobile application.

55% of small firms claim to be creating apps to boost sales. Other companies cite client experience enhancement and competitiveness in a particular market as their motivations for growth.

Small business apps are still popular, whatever the cause.

  1. More applications will use augmented reality
    In 2022, more mobile applications will incorporate augmented reality.

These apps combine the app and the outside environment. An excellent illustration of an augmented reality app is Pokemon Go. Here is a game illustration.

Pikachu augmented reality

For the image above, the sidewalk, grass, benches, trees, sky, people, and power wires are all essential elements. You would see everything on the screen if you took out your camera.

However, this mobile technology adds features to your smartphone that isn’t there, like the fictitious Pokemon character mentioned above.

More than $1.2 billion was made from the 752 million downloads of Pokemon Go. This game is played by more than 5 million daily active users worldwide.

Without a doubt, this was a big success. As a result, more businesses will attempt to adopt augmented reality apps to increase downloads, engagement, and sales.

Transportation-related apps are developing.

Apps for transportation are evolving.

Mobile applications like Uber and Lyft are already commonplace. Some people even use car-sharing applications like Turo or Zipcar to get around.

There are apps for finding the bus, aircraft, and rail schedules. Over the previous few years, we have been acclimated to all that I just said.

However, more businesses are starting to emerge that offer smartphone applications for unusual means of transportation. I’m referring to programs like Bird and Limebike.